One Eyed Jacks MC
One Eyed Jacks MC

One Eyed Jacks MC

We are the One Eyed Jacks MC based in York Region, Ontario, Canada. Although we’re based in York Region, we claim no territory, nor do we aspire to. OEJMC is a not for profit club.

Est. in 2014, OEJMC is an independent closed club with a full set of by-laws. We believe in family and the sanctity of brotherhood and sisterhood (our sisters club OEJWMC.)

Members earn the right to wear our patch through a probationary period. We wear a two piece patch. Our colours are red, black and white with the centre patch being a pair of one eyed jacks.

We are about quality, not quantity, therefore, we keep our membership small.

OEJMC is not brand specific. We ride any make of cruiser.

We respect all clubs. We don’t involve ourselves in other clubs’ business or disputes.

OEJMC promotes camaraderie, loyalty and a positive biker image.

We look forward to seeing you at events.